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Using Spongy Rollers To Create Curls


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Spongy rollers can be the perfect styling tool if your want to create the curly look in your hair. It can be used on a lengthy hair in a perfect way without any difficulty. Just follow these methods to get the curly look in the hair with the help of spongy rollers.
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First mist the entire hair with little amount of spray gel which will help to saturate your hair. Maintain the dampness in your hair during the styling process which will make it look strong. Now make sections in your hair from one side of the head at the bottom and use big sponge rollers only at the end of your hair section.  Keep your spongy roller over your hair horizontally and wrap its ends around the roller towards your scalp. Try to twist the roller before crossing it over the end and keep it in place. Now take the next hair section and make sure to it is wet or you have to mist it again with the spray gel. Follow the same method over this section and use the blow dryer over your hair section before tucking the loose hair ends by rolling as well as twisting your spongy roller. Now pull out the last section over the top of your head and wrap it with the roller and twist it before securing it in place. There will be sponge rollers over your entire head and dry it with blow dryer.

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