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Julia Stiles Straight Hairstyle


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Julia Stiles is wearing a straight hair that is really simple to achieve and you can also get same type of hair by following a particular method. There is no need to purchase any special tool to create this type of hairstyle as you can use the tools that are used on regular basis on your hair.
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Julia Stiles hairstyle is normally straight from top to end of the hair which gives a beautiful look. This hairstyle can be created with long and short hair. You can also add a little amount of wave in your hair to make it look like her hairstyle. First comb your hair with small-tooth brush which will add more tension in your hair. Then take a ceramic flat iron for using it over the hair as it is known to cause less harm to it during the styling process. Make sections in your hair all over the head and brush them before using the flat iron. Try to use the flat iron on the first hair section from top to bottom as usual in a gentle manner. Make sure to stay away from your scalp as it can damage the roots of your hair. Gently slide the flat iron in the hair and don’t put too much pressure during this process. Do the same with the remaining hair section and try to brush them before using the flat iron. Finally use a spray to mist the entire hair to make it shiny.

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