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Hairstyle With Cheetah Spots


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Adding cheetah spots in your hair can make them look really unique. To achieve this style in your hair, first you have purchase few items such as highlighting cap, hair color and follow a proper styling technique. Try to consult a hairstylist before starting your hair coloring and don’t forget to do the strand test before using the color over your entire hair.
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First comb your hair from top to bottom and place the plastic cap over your head. Make sure that your plastic cap has holes all over it which will be your coloring spot. If you have lengthy hair, try to pull the hair out of it and with short hair you can just put plastic cap over it. Then take the hair lightener and mix it properly before applying it over the hair that comes out of the hole in your plastic cap. You can also use a dark color for applying it over the hair from the hole, but it may not look good as lightener is considered to be the best choice to achieve the cheetah look in your hair. Try to apply the hair color in circles over the hair to make it look like cheetah spots and avoid coloring the entire length of your hair with the lightener. Leave the cap on your head as per the time mentioned on the hair lightener and then take it out of your head for the rinsing process.

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