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Styling Hair With Notching Shears


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Notching shears are the hairstyling tool that is used while cutting your hair. It is normally used after cutting the hair as per your desire. There are special ways to remove volume in your hair if it fails to give a good look to your hairstyle. At the same time it can also give a choppy look to your hairstyle. It is also a perfect tool for using it over different types of hairstyles. Get some practice of using the shears on hair extensions before trying it over your natural hair.
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To take the bulk look out of your hair and create the choppy blunt looking hairstyle, you must follow a proper method. Start using the notching shears at the back of your head and slowly move towards the top part of the hair section just like using the scissors. You can texturize your hair with the shears to add shape into your hairstyle. If you keep on using the shears over the hair, it will become too short, so make sure to notice this while shaping your hair. Also never get too close into your hair as you will remove too much of hair in those areas. In case you want to add more texture into your hair without using the shears, try to use the scissors as it will cut only the selected hair parts. The notching shears are the perfect tool for using it on various hair types of hair with different lengths.

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