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Steps To Get Downward Rolled Curls


A curly looking hairstyle can really give a wonderful look if you create it with a proper styling technique. There are different ways that are followed to achieve the curly hair and one of the unique method is the downward rolling. To use the downward rolling method on your hair, just follow these simple steps. The styling method is very simple and you will be using the rollers as usual.

First try to section your hair all over the head and use a roller set to use this technique. The sectioned hair must be straight and also use a normal roll set. Now take a section of hair and keep the roller at the end of your hair. Move the roller towards the top of your head and secure it in place with a clip. Then take another section of hair and use the same method with the roller for using it over the hair. Once you have created rolls all over your head in different hair sections, leave it on for few minutes. Then you can take the rollers out of the hair in parts very gently. Once you remove the rollers out of your hair, there will be curly look in the section of your hair in which it was rolled. Spritz the curls with a hairspray to add shine and maintain in its original shape throughout the day. Avoid using too much of spray over your curls as it can weigh them down.

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