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Steps To Apply Hot Roller Hair Pins


Hot roller hair pins are the hairstyling tools that are used to create curl in your hair. You have to follow a proper method for using this pin on your hair as it can give hard time while using it for the first time. Here is a simple technique that can be followed to use the hot roller hair pins in your hair.

These pins really have a very unique shape that comes along with a roller set. When you plan to purchase a hot roller, they are usually available with unique clips that are the right choice for applying it over your hair. Before using them over your hair, try to brush the entire hair with styling comb towards outside of your head. Next take the hot roller and place it over your hair section by wrapping over your head. Now you can use the pins in your hair depending upon the side you have wrapped the hair. On the side over your head, place the pins at a unique angle so it stays intact. But you can also use the pins at any angle as per your wish make sure it doesn’t come out of your wrapped hair. To create long curls, try to use the hot roller vertically and just push pin like using the bobby pins from front to back of your hair. If required try to bend the pin slightly to make it tight and stretch out before using it over the hair.

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