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Treating Your Hair With Argan Oil


Argan oil is derived from argan tree and it has been used in Morocco from a very long time. It is also featured in most of the styling products such as serums, shampoos and hair conditioners. This oil can be applied over your hair to prevent the dryness and avoid frizzy look. The hair will also look soft once you spread the argan oil over your hair and it is also a perfect hairstyling product that can be used on any type of hair from curly to wavy.

Start by washing the hair with normal shampoo depending upon the type of your hair. Next apply a hair conditioner according to the shampoo that you had used for washing the hair. If you have a very thick hair try to apply the conditioner for a week for making it free from frizz. Next rinse the hair using a towel without applying any pressure over your hair. Now you can apply the argan oil over your hands and spread it all over the hair gently. Try to apply only a small amount of argan oil on the hair to prevent the greasy look. Just use your fingers to spread the oil all over your hair starting from top to bottom. Once the hair gets covered with the argan oil, try to style it as per your desire. If required you can also use a hair dryer along with a diffuser to make the hair look beautiful.

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