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Using Gelatin To Color Your Hair


Gelatin is a product that is not known for coloring your hair, but you can use it for changing the hair color. You can easily prepare a hair dye by using the gelatin and use it over your hair to change its appearance. Just follow these steps to use gelatin in a proper way to color your entire hair. Once applied over your hair, the gelatin will give it a funky look. This coloring process can be done at home without any support.

Before starting the coloring process with gelatin you must undergo a hair lightening process which is very important. A pre-lightening process will give the gelatin more hold in your hair when it is applied gently through the hair strands. You can also bleach your hair by visiting a hairstylist to make your hair look light in color. Now you must take hot water in a bowl and mix the gelatin into it to make it paste like substance. Try to apply the gelatin paste over your hair in sections and leave it on for few minutes. The gelatin paste can be left on your hair as per your wish as it doesn’t feature any chemicals and it will not affect your hair. Then rinse the hair completely to see the changed color of your hair. Try to style the hair as per your desire and maintain it as usual by washing as well as conditioning it with proper products.

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