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Hairstyle With Fringe Bun


Fringe bun is a perfect hairstyle for special occasions and it can be achieved within few minutes. This hairstyle can give a great look for everyone if they follow a proper styling process. You can create a normal bun or other hair buns in this hairstyle. There is no need to visit a hair specialist to get this hairstyle done on your hair as it can be created at home. But you must be careful while creating this hairstyle as it will look good only on particular face shapes. There are celebrities wearing this hairstyle on special events as it really gives the amazing look.

To get this hairstyle in your hair, first brush the entire hair using a standard comb and make sure to leave few loose hair in front of your face which will be worn as the fringe. Then take the pull the remaining hair at the top of your head to create a simple ponytail. Next tease the hair that was left in front of the face using the same comb and place it over your forehead. Then you must wrap the ponytail round itself to create the simple bun and secure it with a bobby pin. This is one of the simple techniques to achieve the fringe bun hairstyle, but you can also create the bun in different styling methods. But before starting the styling process you must leave few hair strands loose which must fall over the forehead as fringe.

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