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Modified French Hair Twist


Modified French hair twist is great way of styling your hair for any special event. There are celebrities who want to create this type of hairstyle as it gives them amazing look. This hairstyle may look difficult to achieve when you see it with your eyes, but with few simple steps it is possible to get this look. Try to keep the products ready before starting the hairstyling which includes bobby pins, brush and hairspray.

Before beginning your styling, make sure the length of your hair is perfect to achieve it. You must have medium to long hair to get this look over your head. Start by combing your hair with a normal brush and take it at the middle part over your head at the back. Use bobby pins to secure the hair on one side of your head. Now keep the thumb near the base of your hair just over the bobby pins and try to wrap hair around the thumb. You can either wrap the hair tight to make it look neat or just wrap it loosely to create a tousled look. Finally secure the hair in place using bobby pins and spritz the entire hairstyle with a finishing spray to prevent the frizz. You can also use hair accessories that look good with your hairstyle and make it look unique. Then wear a proper dress that matches your hairstyle in the right way which will help to make it look more attractive.

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