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Treating Your Afro Braids Regularly


Afro braids are usually created by twisting your hair and it is also considered to be a low maintenance hairstyle. Even though it is a low maintenance hairstyle you must treat it with proper technique once in a week or two. Try to follow a proper method to care your afro braids as it cannot be treated like a normal hair every day. You hair will remain in the same way for weeks, so you must follow a particular method to keep it healthy during this period.

The afro braids must be cleaned by washing it once in every 10-15 days using a diluted shampoo and try to wear stocking cap during the hair washing process to prevent the braid from coming out of its original place. Then use only a leave-in hair conditioner for spreading it over the afro braids to prevent any kind of build up that can be caused by other hair conditioners. Also mist the braids with moisturizing hairspray without touching your scalp as it can help to maintain it soft and prevent any frizz. The hairspray will also help to keep the dampness in your hair and it can be used daily only over the afro braid. Before going to bed in the night try to cover the entire head with satin scarf as it will keep them without any flyaways. The hairstyle will also lose its shape if you fail to wrap it with a scarf.

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