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Attach Clip-In Extensions To Short Hair


Clip-in extensions can be used if you want to make your short look lengthy and it can also make the hair look volumized. These hair extensions must be attached to your hair with a proper technique or it may fall out. Those who are wearing it for the first time can find it difficult to place it in the right way, but with some practice it can be attached easily.

First purchase the clip-in extensions and place each weft separately on the table. These extensions will be available in different sizes that must be separated using your hands. Now pull you entire hair behind the head like creating a ponytail and take out small part of hair at the bottom of your ponytail. Then secure your remaining hair on top of the head using a hair clip. Next take the small extension weft which must be secured over the head just across your hair part. Try to slide the clip over to make it stay on top the part of hair that is in between bottom layer and sectioned hair over the head. Now take out little amount of hair from top of the head that was secured with the hair clip and make it fall over the weft. This will help to cover the clip that was used to secure the extension with your hair. Next take the remaining weft for secure it over the hair in the same manner and style entire hair as you wish.

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