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Hairstyle With Primrose Braid


Primrose braid is a simple way of styling your hair that can really give a beautiful full. You must have a lengthy hair to get this hairstyle in the right way. Usually this hairstyle is created by visiting a hairstylist, but with this method you can easily achieve it at home with few simple hairstyling tools. This hairstyle is worn by Primrose Everdeen, one of the characters in The Hunger Games.

To get this braid, first you have to create French braids inward over your head from the temple. Then it must go back around your ear by hanging down like a simple braided pigtail. Start the styling by seperating three sections on top of your head and create a simple inward braid. Next create a simple French braid by taking a part of hair from outside and another part from inside including it with the braid. Try to maintain it just near your ear as it should hang down like a normal braided pigtail below your ear and stay over your shoulder. While reaching nape of your neck near your ear make sure that there are no hairs left on the outside. Now pull out the remaining hair to include it with the inside hair part and continue your braiding process in forward way. Try to secure your braid end before running out of the hair as the hair ends must hang loose similar to pigtail which is the best part to recognize this hairstyle.

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