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French Tail Hair Braid


French tail hair braid is a perfect hairstyle for those who have lengthy hair that features layers. You can create this hairstyle in the right way by going to a hairstylist. But with some practice you can achieve this look by following these basic steps. It can be a perfect choice for a special event such as a wedding. Many celebrities also wear this hairstyle on the red carpet and it will look great once you match it with a perfect dress.

Before starting your styling, try to grow your hair long, so it can be easily braided. Once your hair become long enough to create the braid try to create layers in it by using a particular styling tool like a flat iron. If you have layer in your hair, it is possible to make the braid secured in place tightly. Then you must create a part in your hair at one side and brush it fully from top to end. Next take the entire hair to create a simple looking low ponytail and secure it with a hair band. Now you must create 2 parts with your ponytail loose hair and try to cross right section of hair over left section. Then take a small part of hair left section for crossing it just over your right section of the hair. Continue this process all the way to end of your hair and finally secure it with a hair band.

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