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Ways To Get Rid Of Dimethicone From Hair


Dimethicone is like a silicone that is used on the hair for moisturizing process. You have to remove this product completely from the hair before using another hairstyling product for styling your hair. There are few simple steps that can be followed at home to take the dimethicone fully out of your hair in a most professional way. This is the most easy and simple way of removing the dimethicone product out of the hair without going to saloon.

The dimethicone is also used in many hairstyling products and they can cause different types of problem to your hair. Most of the time this product can make you feel that your hair is heavy. There will be a small coating over your hair after using the dimethicone based hairstyling product. The hair will also look shiny due to this product, but it will make the hair weigh down easily that can also cause damage to it. To take it out of your hair, try to take a normal hair shampoo and mix a small amount of baking soda into it or take a hairspray bottle along with white vinegar for misting it over your entire hair. Next you must wash the hair as usual and it will become free from dimethicone. Then you can use other products for styling the hair as you wish. If you are using dimethicone product again over the hair, try to wash it fully before applying another styling product.

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