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Maintaining Hair After Thermal Reconditioning


Thermal hair reconditioning is done by spreading heat into the bonds of your hair which makes it fully straight and gives a shiny look. Once you follow this hairstyling method, it can make your hair to stay straight for about 6-9 months and this process can be used on any type of hair. Before starting the styling process, consult a hair specialist to test your hair strands. You have to go to a hairstylist first as this technique is normally done by them as it is considered to be slightly risky which can lead to damaged hair.

Once you get this hairstyling process done over your hair let it stay on for about minimum two days without getting the hair washed. After the specified time you have to first use a moisturizing shampoo to wash your entire hair. You must apply the shampoo until the lather cover your hair completely and rinse it as usual. Try to use your fingers gently while applying the shampoo in your hair as it can damage the hair. Next use the keratin protein product over your hair which must stay in it for just ten minutes and try to rinse the entire hair again like before. Apply a moisturizing conditioner for about fifteen minutes over the hair which will help to remove the tangles from your hair. At last use a hair dryer over the hair strands after applying heat protectant and style the hair as you wish.

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