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Ways To Achieve Fade Sideburns


Fade sideburns are usually worn by men and it is very rear that women prefer this way of styling their hair. In this hairstyle, you hair will be parted if it is long and the sideburns will be cut fully short to get a fade look. You must know how to cut your hair to achieve this look on your own at home. This is a simple way of cutting your hair which is really easy with some good practice.

To begin the styling process you have to purchase few styling items such as hair trimmers and clippers. First you have to make a side part in your hair and use the trimmers on the remaining hair at the sideburns and you must know the length of your hair that will be left at the side of your head and gently trim the hair around your head. You have to do the same on the other side of your head if you want to make your hairstyle look even all over your head. Some of the people will cut the hair on one side of their head to get a unique look and you can also do this. Then take the clippers and use the tapering lever to over the cut hair like a fade at the sideburn. Make sure to create a nice soft shape around your neckline and try to move in the same way up with the tapering lever.

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