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Simple Twisted Updo


A simple twisted updo is the best hairstyle suitable for every occasion and it can be created within few minutes. You can just use your hands to achieve this look without purchasing any special tools. This style can be created on any type of hair, but you must make sure that your hair is clean to prevent a damaged look. You can also create curls or waves in the hair before starting this styling.

Start your styling with a clean hair which is washed fully and brush the entire hair with your fingers. Then mist the finger combed hair with a spray as it can increase the texture in your hair. Next take the hair completely in your hand and pull it at the back of the head like creating a ponytail before twisting it as usual with your hands. Now secure only the hair that is underneath your hands using bobby pins and make the tail of your hair to flow down on its own. Use more bobby pins to keep the hair underneath to sit in place and take out some hair pieces out all over the head to create a messy look if required. Try to twist the hair that is left to flow free using your finger and secure them in place. At last take a hairspray for misting it all over your hair as it will help to stay the hairstyle in shape for a longer time.

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