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Double Crown Braid


Double crown braid can be the right choice for a special event like wedding. This hairstyle can be worn by a bride or even those who are attending a wedding. It can give a really unique and beautiful look if your wear this hairstyle on a lengthy hair. Just follow these steps to achieve the double crown braid in your hair.

First comb the hair with a paddle brush to make it smooth and make a side part in your hair. Then pull out a circular hair section near the crown area of your head and divide the remaining section of hair into two. Now create a Dutch braid with the both sections behind your head and secure it using elastic bands. Take the crown hair section for creating a Dutch braid on top of your head. Now you must add both the braid at the back of your head together to make it fall from top of your head and use bobby pins to keep it secured in place. Next braid the remaining hair pieces on the crown as usual and use elastic to keep it in place at the end.  Take the crown braid for wrapping it around your head and secure it using bobby pins. Make sure that your braids are neatly secured using the bobby pins and they must not come as you move your head. Finally use a hold spray to mist the entire hairstyle to make it sit in one place perfectly.

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