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Steps To Use Philips Hair Straightener


Philips hair straightener is a simple styling tool that can be used to make your hair straight within few minutes. There are different types of hairstyling tools available for straightening the hair from the company, but you can use Philips HP4696 to making your hair look sleek very easily. This particular hair tool straightening is available with attachments for making your hair wavy and curly.

First clean your hair by washing it as usual using a straightening shampoo and dry it with a blow dryer. Make sure that your hair gets fully dry and comb it with normal paddle brush. Then spread a little amount of hair straightening serum all over from top to end of your hair. Now add a straightening attachment with the tool and make sure it gets fixed properly. You can plug the tool into the electric socket and wait for it to become hot. Now take the first hair strand and keep it in between the lever of the straightening attachment. Make sure there is gap of one inch from your root to the straightening tool. Start sliding your straightener towards the end of your hair and repeat the same technique on the remaining hair strands all over the head. Leave the hair for few minutes to make it cool and apply a straightening serum all over the hair again from its root. Then comb it using the same paddle brush to make it free from flyaways.

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