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Highlighting Hair Without Touch-Ups


Highlighting your hair can be a difficult process if you are doing this at home for the first time. You have to be very careful while highlighting the hair as it may lead to touch up on regular process. There are few special techniques that can help when you want to highlight the hair without any touch up.

This method can be used on any type of hair and it is a perfect choice if you are highlighting a brunette hair. The most important step during this styling process is to stay away from the places over your head where it needs regular touch up. Try to avoid highlighting hair around your hairline and near the parting. So first you have to divide a section of hair around the part near the Mohawk area and secure it in place separately. This is one of the most important place that must not be highlighted as your natural hair will become visible very soon here. You have to just apply the highlights on the areas of your head where the natural hair is not seen. Also avoid using the highlights near your hairline as it will require touch ups very soon once the hair starts to grow. Try to do a diagonal parting around your head and highlight the hair diagonally around the face. By doing this you can show the highlighted hair around your face without giving it touch ups for some time.

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