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Pin-Up Hair Curls


Pin-up curls are the perfect hairstyle that can be worm for a wedding or other important events. In this hairstyle you will have curls over your hair which will be secured all over the head. It will look like an updo if you use pins to secure the curls in your hair to create a very unique look. You can just use bobby pins to secure your curls in place.

First you have to create three different sections in your hair and twist one of the sections using your fingers. Use bobby pins to secure the section over your scalp. Then take another hair section from the back of your ear and try to twist it just like the first section before securing it with bobby pins. You can apply a little amount of hair serum over the sections and secure the second hair section over the first one. You will require at least 6-7 bobby pins over each section of the hair. Take the third section and secure it over the first section just like you did with the second hair section. In case you are creating more sections in your hair, try to secure them in place to create a good look for the curls. At last just go through your entire hairstyle to make sure that there are no flyaways left over the head. At last use a spray to spritz it over the hair to keep the curls in place.

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