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Using A Phyto Hair Relaxer


Phyto relaxer is one of the hairstyling tool that is used make your hair look straight. You can use this tool mainly on a curly hair. It is known to be a very different type of hairstyling tool when compared to other relaxers as it has natural active features. The active botanical features available in this tool include eggs as well as soy extracts that help to make the hair straight very easily without any affects.

This hair relaxer is available in three types such as Level 1 with hydration for a natural hair and level 2 with nutrition suitable for a dry hair. The level 3 is used to strengthen your damaged hair. It is a perfect tool for making a curly hair fully straight and in case you have already straightened your hair with other tools. Just use the phyto relaxer to give touch up to your hair. You can purchase this hair straightening tool by consulting a hairstylist or just visit a retail shop. Try to consult a hair specialist when you are using this tool for the first time. There is one disadvantage about this product which is its price that is $60 for one application. The cost of this tool is very high when compared to other similar tools that starts from $5 -20 for one application. Many prefer this tool to make their hair straight as it can prevent irritation that is caused during the styling process from other tools.

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