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Amber Rose With Tight Haircut


Amber Rose has cut her hair very short which is called as tight haircut. This haircut is worn by people who join military who are mostly men, but women also prefer this as the perfect hairstyle. You can also achieve this hairstyle to get a casual and unique look.

To create this look, first you have to purchase the electrical clippers and use it with low setting. Try to trim the hair at the bottom of the head hair which must look like fully shaved. Then use the highest setting in the clipper over top part in the hair to maintain crew cut hair length. Start trimming the hair near the base over the neck and try to move up over the head about 1-2 inches high near the ear.  Now take the clippers with a little tilt try to remove ridge in between the high and very tight places of your cut. Make sure to have straight angle while just moving your hair clipper horizontally over your head. Next go to your hairline from the face and just move to the back of your head. Use the same type of technique till your cut places over the head fades on top of the head. Now use your clippers with highest setting and try to trim the hair from the middle of your head towards the back. Use your clippers over the tight hair and slightly move towards the head over your forehead from crown of the head.

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