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Steps To Use Cloth Rollers On Hair


Cloth rollers are the best way to create volume in your hair and you can also get the curly look with this. This is one of the simple techniques that can be followed at home to achieve the look. But you have to follow the right method to get this styling done at home. This hairstyling doesn’t need any special tools to start the styling and it can be done within few minutes.

First you have to take soft cloth that will be used to get this hairstyle. Then clean your hair as usual by washing it and create different sections all over the head which will make the styling simple. Next use a hairspray all over the hair parts which will help to set the hair in place perfectly at the end of your styling process. Begin your styling from behind the head and pull out small subsections which will be wound around the cloth and try to roll it towards your scalp. Gently make a twist at the hair ends using the cloth and keep it in place. Use the same technique on the remaining parts of the hair and leave it on for few minutes. Then take the rolled hair slowly all over the sections and shake it with your hands. Avoid combing the hair with a brush as it can take the volume out of it. Now you can style the hair as per your wish and it volume will stay intact.

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