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Using Tail Comb To Create Curls


One of the best tools to create beautiful looking curls features the tail comb. It is a very simple tool that can be used at home to achieve the curls without visiting a hairstylist. If you use a tail comb to create he curls in your hair, it can last at least a day without any maintenance. The following technique can be used to create the curls in your hair.

First purchase the tail comb which is suitable for your hair type. First make sections in your hair using the tail comb ends and apply a small amount of curl cream all over the hair sections. The curl cream used on the hair will help to set the curls created in your hair. Make sure to create section in sizes that can be easily managed with your hands. If you have a thick hair, try to create more sections in your hair and for thin hair you have create less sections. The hair sections can be of 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick which will make the styling process easy. Try to apply the curl cream on each section while working on them. Use the tail comb from your scalp and try to twist it gently on one side to create the curls. Use the same twisting process on each sections of your hair to create the curls. If you want try to mist the hair with a spray to make it look shiny.

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