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Ways To Identify Original CHI Flat Iron


CHI flat iron is the hairstyling product that is also used by many hairstylists. You can also purchase them from a dealer or other professional salons for using it at home. While purchasing CHI flat iron for home purpose, you have to follow few important guidelines to select the suitable styling tool. The best options for purchasing the CHI flat iron is visiting the official website of the company. Stay away from other websites that sell these flat irons online as they can be fake.

First you have to check CHI logo over your flat iron which will be printed at the center of circle over the handle. There are also duplicate flat irons available where the logo will be off-centered slightly. Next LED lights will be placed near on/off switch which will look red when it is one and clear when off. In case your LED light stays red always, it is not a branded flat iron. Then you have to see the label of CHI flat iron inside the tool which will be engraved with company information and in fake irons there will be sticker. Now you have to check on the CHI flat iron plug which will feature Ground Fault Circuit Interupter and reset button. In case you are buying a CHI Digital Nano, CHI Volumizing Iron or CHI Mini it will not feature the Ground Fault Circuit Interupter which you have to check carefully and not think they are fake.

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