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Prevent Muddy Look In Your Hair


During the coloring process on your hair, you can see that it will start to look muddy in some rare cases. There are special ways to prevent your hair from getting the muddy look which can be done with these following steps. When your hair starts to have green undertone and even blue undertone, it will start to look muddy. Even if you visit a saloon the same technique will be used on your hair to prevent the muddy look on your hair.

Most of the time the hair will start to look muddy, when you apply dark color on a pre-lightened hair. You can follow two different ways to avoid your hair getting the muddy look on it. The first option is using warm tones which include gold, red, etc in the coloring product before your application. If you do this, it will help to neutralize your green as well as blue undertones which will prevent your color from turning into muddy. The second option is to select a coloring product which must be at least 2 levels darker when compared to the present color level. Many times when people want to change the hair color to make it look dramatic, it is best to consult a hair specialist as they will be able to give the best options to make it look perfect. Also purchase the branded hair coloring product to prevent such look and also avoid damage to hair.

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