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Steps To Maintain Your Hair Weave Soft


Most of the people like to maintain their hair weave soft to prevent any damage to their natural hair. But you have to follow a proper method to make the weave look soft and stay away from oily look. You can use both the hair weaves for styling your hair such as synthetic and natural, but you can follow this technique to maintain it soft.

First you must was the weave with normal shampoo and make sure it is applied from top to end of your hair. Then use the moisturizing hair conditioner all over the weave in the same way as the shampoo was applied. Let the conditioner stay on your weave for just 5 minutes and try to rinse it gently out of it. Next take 2 parts of distilled water in a bowl and mix 1 part of rosewater. Take the mixture in the spray bottle for spraying it over the hair weave and mainly use it at the ends of your hair. You must mist the entire weave at least twice and spread it throughout the weave using your hands. Now take styling cream for applying it over the weave to prevent the tangles and brush it using a wide-tooth brush from top to end. At last use a blow dryer to make your weave dry or you can also leave it for natural drying. It is better to avoid the blow dryer on the hair weave while styling it as usual.

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