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Hairstyle With 2 In 1 Ponytail


The 2 in 1 ponytail can give a really unique look for anyone who wants to style their hair in this way. It can give an amazing look for those who have medium to long hair. You can use a simple technique to get this hairstyle at home by just using the normal hairstyling tools. You will just be creating the illusion of 2 ponytails here and there will not be two ponytails actually.

First you have to create 2 parts in your hair using the rat-tail comb from one of the ear to another. Then use the section to create a simple ponytail over your head and use hair bands to secure it in place. Next mist the hair with a spray to prevent any flyaways. Now do the same with the other parts of your hair and there will be 2 ponytails over your head. Try to do inside out ponytail and secure it in place perfectly using a hair band. To take the ponytail inside out, you must first secure both the ponytail together to create one and secure it in one place using the hair band. Then use another band at the middle of your ponytail to make it look like 2 ponytails. Instead of creating two parts in your hair, just create a ponytail at the back of your head by combing it with a rat-tail comb and then secure it as usual with two hair bands.

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