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Using Shea Butter For Hair Straightening


While using the flat iron on your hair during the straightening process, it is always important to apply a moisturizing product over your hair to prevent any damage caused by the heat produced from the tool. Shea butter can be used as the moisturizing product which is perfect for coarse and dry that is unmanageable before using the flat iron. Before starting this process, try to clean your hair by washing it.

First take the flat iron with a temperature suitable for your hair texture and divide the hair into two inch section using a normal comb. Then take the remaining hair to create a simple ponytail at the back of your head. Now apply Shea butter over the hair that is loose. Use the flat iron one of the section about half inch away from the scalp as this tool can cause damage to your scalp if you touch it even accidently. Use the plates in the flat iron for placing it over the hair section and gently press it before pulling it through the ends of your hair. Then take another section of hair from the ponytail and brush it again. Next apply a small amount of Shea butter on this section of hair and use the flat iron as you did with the first hair section. Use the same technique by applying Shea butter and flat iron over your hair to make it fully straight from top to end.

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