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Using Revlon Colorsilk For Dark Ash Color


Revlon Colorsilk is a coloring product that is used for coloring your hair at home. You must follow a proper method to achieve particular undertones such as dark ash color in your hair with this product. It is really simple to use the Revlon Colorsilk on your hair at home by following these simple steps.

First create four sections in your hair and secure each of them individually using a clip. Then take Revlon Colorsilk product out of the package which will feature color, developer, conditioner, gloves and more. Make sure to wear the gloves before proceeding further with the coloring process. Follow the instructions carefully while mixing the coloring product with a developer. Next take one of the hair section and start applying the color on your hair section from top to end as usual. You must follow the same way of coloring even on the remaining three sections of your hair. Once your four hair sections get covered with the color completely, try to brush it which will help to spread the color evenly throughout the sections of hair. Leave the color on for about half an hour and rinse it normally using warm water. In case you are using this method on gray hair, leave the color on for additional five minutes before rinsing it. Then you have to use the conditioner on your hair all over and leave it for about two minutes before rinsing it again for the last time using warm water.

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