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Steps To Remove Your Hair Perimeter


Most of the haircuts normally start at a perimeter of your hair which is a particular area in the hairline from your forehead to nape of your neck. If you are cutting the perimeter in your hair, try to make sections which will make the process really simple. You can use follow this technique with the help of a hair clipper and scissors. Make sure you have the practice of using the clipper for removing the hair.

First you have to make your hair free from tangles by brushing it as usual. Then bend your head down to create sections in your hair which must be on top, back of your head and over your ears. Now you have to decide about the length of your haircut on each section. Take the section from back of your head and use hair clippers to cut the desired length of your hair. Just move the clipper with rocking motion towards upward and secure this section in place with a clip. Use the same method of cutting the hair with the clippers on the remaining hair sections. You can use different clippers size depending upon the haircut. You can also cut your hair at the interior without touching the perimeter as per your desire. Next use the clipper with the blades in its lowest setting and cut the hair near your neck line. Then use normal scissors to cut the uneven looking hairline over forehead.

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