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Amber Heard With Rattail Braid


Amber Heard has got a hairstyle with rattail braid which is a very different way of styling your hair. This hairstyle can be a perfect choice for those who have medium to lengthy hair. You will have a thin hair lock flowing at the back of your head in this hairstyle. You can keep the lock short or long depending upon the size of your hair.

To get Amber Heard hairstyle, first you must clean your hair by washing it normally and maintain it slightly damp during the styling process. Next make sections in one part of the hair using a comb which will be used for the braiding process and try to brush all three sections in your hair perfectly to make them fully smooth. There is no need to keep the three sections secured in your hair as you can keep them in your hands. Now pull out left section from your hair and try to place on the middle part. Then take this section in center of middle and the right section of your hair. Next take your right hair over middle section and try to keep it in the center of other sections. Then pull out the left hair part over middle section and pull your braided hair sections over your head to keep it tight. Finally you can use a hair tie to secure your braid and make it fall at any place over from your head.

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