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Ways To Make Your Side Bangs Straight


Do you like to create side bangs that look fully straight then it is important to follow a proper styling method. Most of the women like to wear side bangs straight as it can give a smooth look. Try to achieve this look with the help of a flat iron by following these steps. As usual you must start the straightening of your bangs with a clean hair and condition it normally.

First brush the bangs on the side of your head and secure the remaining hair at the back of your head. Then apply a small amount of gel in your palm and spread it over the bangs. Make sure that the gel gets spread throughout the bangs. Avoid using too much of the product as it can make it look greasy. Next decide which side your bangs will fall after the styling and take a flat iron. Just pull your bangs out and place it in the flat iron about one inch from the scalp. Try to pull the iron gently through the bangs from top to end of the hair. Use the same method on the remaining bangs section in your hair till they all become fully straight. Now you can brush the hair as per your wish and mist it with a small amount of spray to make it look shiny. Then take the hair sections that were secured behind your head and style it as you wish.

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