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Steps To Maintain White Hair Color


Maintaining a white hair can give a hard time for many people as it is really not an easy process. If you fail to maintain the white hair properly you can see light yellow undertones all over. There are different methods you can use for maintaining your white hair in its original color. You can try any one of these following options on your white hair.

The first option is rinsing your hair with vinegar. To do this take 3 parts vinegar and mix it with 1 part water for rinsing the hair at least once in a week. Mist the hair with this mixture and brush it as usual to make it spread all over the hair before rinsing it as usual. The second option is getting a glazing treatment on your hair. But this process is normally done by a hair specialist in a saloon. Once you get this treatment on your hair, it will prevent the dirt from entering into the hair cuticle which causes the dull look. The third option is washing the hair with the violet based shampoo. You can purchase this shampoo from a store as it is available in different options. This shampoo is able to prevent the yellow undertone that is caused in the hair when it is fully white. The fourth option is conditioning your hair after the washing process. Use the conditioner to protect your hair cuticle and avoid other particles from entering into the hair.

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