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Using Taper Combs To Cut Hair


Taper combs are normally used to cut the hair in a unique way. This tool is used in a saloon by hairstylist, but you can follow a same technique for using it at home. Try to be more careful while using this tool at home without consulting a hair specialist. You can create different types of hairstyles with the taper combs which will really look neat. Try to get help from a friend for cutting the hair with the taper comb as it cannot be done on your own.

With this tool you will start the cutting process from a small point and reach to highest point over your head. It is usually used around your ears to cut the hair short from the remaining hair parts. First place the taper comb under your ears and cut the hair by moving gently towards the top of your head. Just cut the hair that comes out of the taper comb once you use it behind the ears. Do the same haircut on both the sides of your ears and behind the head as well. The taper comb will help you to achieve the same length all around your head. This tool is basically used in places over the head where it is difficult to the cut the hair. Most of the hairstylists use it in the saloon and very few people who work with this tool at home for cutting their own hair.

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