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Using Hair Extensions As Ponytail Pieces


Most of the people like to have a long hair to create a beautiful looking lengthy ponytail. So to achieve this type of hairstyle you can use the extensions as ponytail pieces. There are high quality hair extensions that can be the first choice to create the ponytail look in your hair. Try to use hair wefts in various sizes for styling the hair in this way. Get some practice for styling the hair with extensions before trying it with your natural hair.

First take the hair extensions which must be in the form of wefts in the length of about 12 inches. Then take your natural hair to create a ponytail and keep it in place using rubber band. Now take the weft extensions and try to comb it gently to make it tangle free. Then take the end of your weft and tuck below your rubber band of the ponytail. Use bobby pins to secure it in place and loop your extension around the ponytail once before securing it in place. Use the same technique of looping your extension around ponytail. Next take a small part of your hair from ponytail and try to wrap it around to cover your weft as well as rubber band. You can just use more bobby pins to secure the entire hair and the extensions in place. Make sure to use the best quality hair extension for the styling as it can stay intact for a long time.

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