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Using Clips To Twist Your Dreads


The twist dreads are used for styling the hair in different ways and it is important to use proper clips to keep them secured in your hair. There are various techniques that can be followed to use twist dreads that has clips. Most of the people visit a hairstylist to use this dreads in the right way. Try to follow this simple method for creating the twist dreads and then you can apply it over your head as per your wish.

This is one of the best way to get the quick dread in few minutes. Once you style the hair in this way, it can stay in its actual shape for at least 2 days. Most of the dreads can be created only after few months and it will also stay in the same shape for some months. But with this method you can get the dread look immediately. To use the twist dreads, first create sections in your hair and try to roll it in the hands. Then comb the hair like a ball and make sure to twist it using clay before securing it in place. Do the same process all over your head and apply heat over it for twenty minutes. Now take the clips out and mist the entire hair with a hairspray. Now your dreads are ready that can be secured properly in place over the head. Don’t forget to use a hairspray to spritz over the dreads.

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