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Removing Twisted And Braided Hair Buildup


If you are styling the hair with twist and braid, then it can stay in the same shape for a long time that can cause buildup easily. The hair buildup is very common as you will be using lot of styling products to maintain the twist and braid in your hair. There are two ways to take the buildup out of your hair from the twists and braids.

Whenever people want to style their hair into twists and braids, it requires lot of hairsprays as well as other products that usually causes buildup in the hair. The buildup in the hair will make it feel heavy and difficult to manage. It will also make your hair look bad without any shine making it look damaged. The first option to prevent the hair build up is by visiting a hairstylist for special treatment. The second option is if you want to solve this problem at home, try to wash the hair using at least two times. Then apply a small amount of hair conditioner to make your hair moisturized. Next sit under a steam for about half an hour and this will help to take the buildup out of the hair very easily. Now wash the hair once again and use a hair dryer over the entire hair. At last you can style the hair without any buildup in it. Make sure to follow this treatment whenever you feel that the hair is slightly heavy.

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