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Copolla Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment


Copolla keratin is a hair straightening technique that can make your hair straight on temporary basis. Once your hair becomes straight, it will come to its natural texture within a short period. This treatment provides keratinous bond that helps your hair to prevent the humidity as well as toxins to enter into the hair. It is also considered to be a maintenance-free hairstyle that can stay in the same shape for 3-5 months. Consult a hair specialist before undergoing this treatment for making the hair straight.

As per the manufacturer, whenever you use this treatment, the hair will become healthier and the damage caused is also very less. The keratin build-up is expected to maintain your hair straight as well as smooth which will make it easy for further styling. This treatment must be done once in 4-5 months and it is important to reapply it all over your hair including the newly grown hair. The build-up of keratin is also known to provide long-term benefits to your hair. Once you have undergone this treatment, make sure not to touch the hair for about 72 hours. After the hair becomes straight, try to avoid exposing the hair in the sun and chlorinated water as it can cause damage to your hair. Also wash your hair only with a sulfate free shampoo as it can remove the keratin from your hair. Blow drying can be the right choice of hairstyling after the copolla keratin treatment.

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