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Ways To Create Big Spiral Hair Curls


Big spiral curls can be the perfect hairstyle for various occasions. In order to achieve this hairstyle it is important to have thick hair. In case you want to create the same hairstyle with thin, you have to follow a proper technique. Some of the special methods can help you to achieve this type of style in your thin hair. Begin the hairstyling with an unwashed hair which will add more grip into the hairstyle to stay in place. You can use sponge curlers to create the big curls in your hair.

Try to create a ponytail with your hair and divide about half inch hair section and use the curling iron over the hair by pulling it from top to end. Now roll your hair in the curling iron and take it near your scalp without touching it to prevent any damage to it. Next mist the rolled hair using just a aerosol spray and leave it to set for few minutes. Take another hair section from the ponytail and use the same method with the curling iron. After creating sections in your ponytail to use the curling iron to create big curls. Don’t forget to mist the entire rolled hair with the spray as this will help to set it in place perfectly. At last you can remove the curled hair from the curling iron and also remove the ponytail. Again use the same hairspray all over the curls and style it as usual.

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