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Steps To Prevent Greasy Scalp


Applying oil to hair is common among most of the people due to various purposes. But using too much of oil over your hair can make it look greasy. There are many oils that can make your hair heavy and lead to clogged follicles. Some of the oils are also known to maintain your hair healthy. But if you use the oil too much over the head, it can become greasy that can be solved by following these simple steps. Always test the oil by applying it on your hand before using it over the hair.

First take one tbsp coconut oil and half tbsp lavender oil in a bowl. Then mix them in a circular motion using your fingers and gently apply it over your hair as well as scalp. Make sure to massage the mixture over your hair for about 5 minutes and leave it on for another 5 minutes. Next use a moisturizing shampoo to wash the hair and spread a small amount of moisturizing conditioner over your hair. Let the conditioner stay over your hair and the scalp for just 2 minutes. Now you can take warm water and rinse your entire hair to complete the process. It is better to use oil that causes the greasy look and always consult a hair specialist before using a new product over the hair. In case you want to use oil for styling your hair, try to select natural oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc.

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