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Making Short Hair Straight With Puffs


There are different ways to make your hair straight and one of the methods is creating puffs in your short hair. This is a very simple technique that can be used to make your short hair straight. With this method you can also prevent your hair from falling in front of your face. There are two methods to create the hair puffs to make it straight such as with zigzag partings and straight partings. But of the people only zigzag partings as it will give a natural look and with straight parting, the twisted hair will become easily visible.

First brush your hair with a tail comb before creating a zigzag parting. Then twist your hair straight down and try to create the puff during this process. Use bobby pins to secure the twist in place and do the same all over the hair. Then twist the hair again only at the ends and push it gently forward to create a tuft n front of the head. Secure the hair again with bobby pins. Another option to create the puffs in your hair for making it straight is creating the straight partings. But if you do straight paring in your hair, it will become easily noticeable. Then twist the hair as usual and apply create more volume near the crown area of your head. Avoid creating too much puffy with the hair at the crown and use bobby pins to secure it in place.

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