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Steps To Prepare Rosemary Hairspray


Rosemary can be a perfect choice to create a hairspray to be used while styling your hair. The rosemary herb will help to moisturize your hair and make it soft along with a shiny look. You can easily create the rosemary spray at home by following few simple steps. Make sure to use more rosemary oil while preparing the spray at home as it will help to create strong aroma in it. Just use this technique to prepare the rosemary oil at home and make sure to purchase other items that will be used for preparing this product.

To prepare the rosemary hairspray, first take distilled water in a bottle and add 10 drops rosemary oil into the bottle. You can add less or more drops of rosemary oil into the bottle depending upon the blend you want to create in the hairspray. Then mix 1 tbsp aloe vera hair gel into the mixture and stir it well. Next add half tbsp jojoba oil into the bottle to maintain the aroma into the spray for several hours. Take 2 tbsp hair conditioner in your spray bottle which will maintain the scent in your bottle of this spray. Finally fill the bottle with distilled water and shake it well. Now your rosemary hairspray is ready to be used over your hair. Apart from using this hairspray over your hair, you can also present it as gift for others after packing it nicely with a wrapper.

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