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Methods To Relax Your Puffy Hair


Having a puffy hair can be hard to control, but you can relax them by following few simple steps. The straight looking puffy hair can give a simple look, but make sure to consult a hairstylist before starting your relaxing process. It is very rare that people like to straighten their puffy hair as it can give them a hard time. You must use a normal flat iron to style the hair in this way at home and make sure to use hair serum over the sections of hair to prevent any damage to it.

When your hair has volume that is not easy to control, then it will start to look puffy. Most of the people like to add volume into their hair, but sometimes it can become more volumized that can become difficult to maintain. First you have to apply a small amount of hair serum all over the hair starting from the end. Then gently move your way up towards the root of your hair using the hair serum. Then create sections in your hair using wide tooth hair brush and take the flat iron with medium heat. Try to use the flat iron over one section of your hair which must be place by leaving one inch gap in between the flat iron and your scalp. Do the same on all the remaining hair sections with the flat iron without touching the scalp as it can cause damage to it.

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