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Ways To Make Your Hair Stand Straight


There are different ways to make your hair stand straight, but it is important to follow the right method. It is easy to create a unique look if you make the hair stand straight. You can use a blow dryer and hair gel to achieve this type of hairstyle perfectly. To create this look with your long hair, try to use a strong-hold hair gel.

First blow dry the hair as usual, but maintain slight dampness in your hair. Then select the gel which is perfect for your hair as it must give more hold to the hair. If you have a thin hair, try to use light-hold hair gel and use strong-hold gel on the hair for thick hair. Next take the gel in your hair and gently spread it over the hair from top to end. Make sure to select the thickness of your hair section for applying the gel over it. You can either create spikes to make the hair stand up or even straighten it as per your wish. Use the blow dryer once again over the hair which will help to make the gel stick on your hair. It is also possible to twist the hair sections with your hands and try to scrunch it gently to create a messy look. If required you can also apply a hold wax over the hair from the mid-length to end the styling or mist it with a finishing hairspray.

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