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Different Types Of Face Framing Cut


Face framing hairstyle is a perfect choice for those who want to highlight their face. This haircut usually depends on your face shape which is distinguished as long, square, round, oval or heart-shaped. You must use different techniques for cutting the hair in this way on various face shapes. Try to create layers all around your head depending upon the shape of your face and also maintain the length of the layers short to medium.

First you have to decide about the shape of your face which will be one among them. You can create hair layers which can end near your chin in a square shape face. Try to create curls as well as waves to make your hairstyle look soft. Those who have heart-shapes face must create side-swept bangs and angular bangs. Try to create layers in the hair starting from your cheekbone that will frame the face and stay balanced between the forehead as well as the chin. Also make a simple side part and there will be more hair at the side that can be adjusted forward in front of the head. Those who have oval shape face must consider straight and sleek haircut along with layers. Creating longer layers in your hair can give the face a slim look and if you have round face shape try to avoid bangs as it can spoil your entire look. Consider using a flat iron if you want to create a sleek look in your hair.

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