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Steps To Use Avocado Mixture On Your Hair


Avocado is a perfect product for using it as a deep conditioner and it also offers lot of nutrition benefits. You have to follow a particular method to create avocado paste for applying it over your hair. Most of the people prefer using natural products for styling their hair and this can be one of the products among them. To begin the process you have purchase few simple products such as half avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, fine tooth hair brush and plastic wrap.

First take half avocado in a bowl and smash it with a fork. Then mix 1 tbsp of coconut oil in the bowl along with tbsp of olive oil and spread this mixture over your hair completely from top to end. Next brush the hair as usual which will spread the mixture throughout the hair evenly. Avoid touching your scalp with the mixture it feels too much oily. You can either leave the mixture over your hair as it is or try to cover it with a plastic wrap for twenty minutes. The plastic wrap can be worn over the head only if your mixture looks too messy or you can just avoid using it. At last wash the hair with a normal shampoo and style it as you wish. This process can help you to maintain the moisture in your hair and mainly you are using coconut as well as olive oil that help to keep your hair healthy.

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