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Using Black Walnut To Create Hair Color


There are many people who want to use various hair coloring product for changing the look of their hair. One of the most used products for coloring the hair rich brown is with the black walnuts. There are few simple steps that can help to create black walnut hair color for applying it over your hair. You can use a normal coloring method at home for applying this color on hair.

First take the walnut hulls which will look like green balls and try to cut it away from nuts. Now you must put the hulls in a bowl of water overnight and try to boil the water. Your hair color will be ready that can be used for coloring your hair. Just take a piece of wool for immersing it into the bowl of color and squeeze it in another bowl. Next take black walnut color from the bowl and mix a little amount of vinegar. Then keep the bowl of color in a safe place, so you can use it again in a short time. Never use the stored walnut color on your hair after leaving it for a long time. Keep the color dye in a jar and avoid using plastic storage boxes for storing the dye. You can just use the normal hair coloring technique for changing the look of your hair with this walnut dye. But make sure to wear hand gloves before starting the coloring process.

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